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About Us

Aither Entertainment is a digital entertainment platform focusing on mobile games development and IP licensing. Founded in Hong Kong in 2016, the company pools together global talents to grow fledgling brands into unique international IP franchises.

What We Believe


To create an engrossing one-stop digital entertainment platform that provides co-development experiences. Every medium has a journey in itself - an exciting, experiential and inspirational experience that can be embraced by all.


Craft unique entertainment experiences that are both fun to play and beneficial to experience; transform original designs and unique story creations to fledgling IPs that has potential to grow and break new grounds.


■   Passionate & Disciplined
■   Creative & Productive
■   Cheerful & Team Spirited
■   Impacting the Industry
■   Benefiting the Community
Original Design

Original Design to
IP creation

We take pride in working with and creating original designs, we want our users to experience unique stories with fun game play. We also aim to transform these original designs and creations to fledgling IPs that can reach fields beyond mobile gaming.

Content Development


We study, examine and work tirelessly to develop high quality and up-to-date content everyone around the world can enjoy. Games are great storytelling platforms, and we take delight to explore uncharted territories so as to expand an IP's universe.

Intellectual Property

Branding and

We aim to achieve "Top-of-mind awareness" for the IPs we work with and create. We develop a unique and consistent theme for each individual IP which users around the world can and will readily identify with. Long term strategies help ensure continued innovation and prolonged popularity of the IP.


We look for distinctiveness and versatility in our brands. Our audience is not limited to anyone, but it is the world at large. We work closely with creators, turning their dreams into reality, and sharing their creations with the world.

Our Own Brand



Apeiron is an upcoming NFT god game that will feature innovative design and unprecedented gameplay elements. Players will have the freedom to create their own planet and explore an entire universe which is filled with different yet familiar derivative mythologies. It is up to them whether they want to be Alpha or Omega, to be revered or feared, good or evil. However, the choices shall not be without consequences.

Licensed Brands

Acid Rain World


When an alternate WWII ended with a nuclear holocaust, war continued to rage across the planet, dissolving civilizations and draining the world of its resources. Being controlled by their greed and lust for power, humanity continued to utilize weapons of mass destruction to achieve their personal interests. The resulting devastation and pollution triggered a vengeful change in the climates which led the world toward a bleak and cruel age, what has been named as the "Acid Rain Era".

Acid Rain World


The first official Acid Rain World game is going to be released soon. It is a next generation grand strategy MMO freemium mobile game, featuring the largest playable map with tens of thousands of players from around the world, battling each other in real time. Experience the war first-hand as war-lords battle for the control over scarce resources and dominion in the Acid Rain Era. Formidable alliances will form as each and every member's mettle will be tested.


We seek highly passionate dreamers who enjoys working with others. We are a tightly knit family, who proudly creates products which can be enjoyed around the world.
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15/F, Park Avenue Tower,
5 Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


From Causeway Bay Station (Exit F1) :
Walk along Hennessy Road to Central Library and turn right onto Moreton Terrace

From Tin Hau Station (Exit B) :
Walk along Causeway Road to Central Library and turn left onto Moreton Terrace

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